Friday, July 15, 2011

AirAide {Christmas in July Sponsor}

AirAide  is one of the great sponsors that I’m excited to announce will be included in our Christmas in July Giveaway Event! Please check out their site and products and then come back July 25th- 31st for your chance to win!



Catch Your Breath With AirAide!

According to BetterHealthUSA, breathing disorders are the cause of approximately 14% of deaths in the U.S.A. alone.

We never truly appreciate the ability to breathe until we can’t! It can be rather shocking to suddenly find one’s self gasping for breath, unable to get enough air. Therefore, it is essential for people who experience coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness to be prepared!

Supplementing your breathing daily with AirAide can help you maintain the intricate balance of your respiratory system so that you can breathe more life into everyday. AirAide is an all-natural herbal supplement specially formulated to increase breathing capabilities. It is used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who suffer with allergies and breathing disorders. AirAide is a unique blend of 23 herbs that work to clear out toxins and expand the lungs, helping people to gain stamina, energy, and strength. The result is effortless breathing, making it the drug-free solution of choice for athletes, asthmatics, and everyday folk alike.

Many lung expansion products contain caffeine, steroids, and bronchial dilators, but they come at a cost. “Those stimulants open up the lungs, too,” explains AirAide president, Tom Long, “but there’s always a side effect. People feel wired or jittery or have an increased heart rate.” With AirAide, the herbs are 100% safe and not a single adverse side effect has ever been reported. The ingredients comply with the standards of the Worldwide Anti-Doping Association (ADA), making it the go-to supplement of professional athletes.

AirAide even sponsors the Kenyan Running Team, a group of elite marathon runners. Where allergies and asthma are concerned, AirAide has been clinically shown to support efficient upper respiratory functions. The product can be ordered through the company’s website at

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