Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kolcraft {Christmas in July Sponsor}

I’ve been saving this one for last to post right before the Christmas in July Event because I wanted everyone to get really excited about entering!! As a Kolcraft Mom I have the privilege of reviewing their products annually however I’m super excited to announce that not only will I be showing you all the great things about the Kolcraft Contours Options 3- Wheeler Stroller today but that on Monday when our Christmas in July Event starts one of my readers will have the opportunity to win this great stroller for themselves!! Are you excited now? I sure hope so! So go check out Kolcraft and all their awesome products and all the specs on this great stroller!

VERY IMPORTANT INFO TO WIN THE KOLCRAFT STROLLER! (If you don’t do this you can’t win)

Go to Kolcraft’s site HERE and find your favorite product then click HERE (which should take you to the Early Entry post for Christmas in July) and leave a comment at the bottom telling me what your favorite Kolcraft product is and be sure to leave your email address. You cannot win the Kolcraft Stroller in the actual Christmas in July post if you don’t do this- only 13 people so far have done this so that means only 13 people have the opportunity to win, so don’t delay do it now!

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My Thoughts: I absolutely love this new stroller so much, my three year old loves it but it has so many great features for a small baby that it ALMOST makes me want to have another baby, yes I said ALMOST, that’s how great this stroller is! First of all it’s Kolcraft, which to me has always been a top brand name company I can trust – I have three kids and I’ve always been impressed with the Kolcraft products. My next favorite thing about this stroller is that it only has three wheels. I really just can’t stand the four wheeled strollers, I mean they have their reasons why they could be good and they are usually the ones that are much cheaper in price but the strollers with only three wheels in my opinion are so much easier to maneuver through different kinds of terrain. I recall a trail 5K that I tried to jog with daughter in a four wheeled stroller and they had just put new gravel on the trail and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done I vowed never again to take that stroller back on any trail. Kolcraft has given me a three wheeled stroller that doesn’t skimp on quality and is AFFORDABLE! (Suggested Retail  Value $169.99) I also love that it’s LIGHTWEIGHT- which means it is easy to fold up and carry around. It was also super EASY TO PUT TOGETHER. I definitely felt a little overwhelmed when I saw all the pieces in the box and it made things even worse when I found out I was missing both the manual and all the hardware to put it together , but the Kolcraft customer service was super nice and shipped it right out to me (which was one reason I delayed posting this sponsor for the event), however when I had everything in front of me it took less than 10 minutes to put together. (As a side note my 3 year old loves both riding in it and pushing it around- she’s been taking her baby for walks- or trying as she’s just a little too short to push the stroller very well- but that doesn’t stop her from filling the bottom basket up with all her toys, she loves this stroller about as much as I do!)

Kolcraft Contours Options 3-Wheeler Features:

  • Reversible seat can face forward or face parent (I love this option for smaller kids)
  • 8" front single-swivel wheel provides smooth steering through crowds
  • 12" rear never-flat wheels
  • Infant car seat attachment (included) fits most brands on the market
  • Seat reclines from 90 degrees to 45 degrees to full recline
  • Height adjustable to grow with your child
  • Easy trigger allows for quick fold and upright stand
  • New Easy-Reach parent tray has deeper, ventilated cup holders
  • Child cup holder and front bar removes quickly for in & out convenience (the child cup holder attaches on the side rather than on a tray in front which makes it easy for child to get in and out of the stroller- I like this for my 3 year old but make sure your child is always strapped in so they don’t just try to get out) 
  • Height adjustable Sunrider canopy includes a peek-in window
  • Large basket for storage (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this option!!)
  • Removable infant head rest with soft micro-fleece fabric
  • Seat accommodates up to 50 lbs.
  • Stroller weighs 27.5lbs
  • Only use this product in the reclined position until child can sit up unassisted
  • JPMA certified
  • Assembly required

Great for all ages- up to 50lbs. I love this stroller because everything about it is just so easy. The seat attachment is super easy for parent to take on and off when you want it facing out or facing you and you just pop the seat off and attach the car seat piece and then you can set your infant car seat on top of the stroller- this is a must option for me when I consider strollers, especially for newborns through a year. I’d much rather keep my child in their car seat especially when they’re asleep or going to fall asleep so I absolutely have to have a stroller that allows me to do so. This stroller accommodates most infant car seats including Britax, Chicco, Combi, Cosco, Evenflo, Graco, Safety First and a few others- be sure to go HERE and check if you're car seat is on the list though just to make sure.

So now that you’re super excited about winning the Kolcraft Contours Options 3-Wheeler Stroller go and make sure you’ve done the mandatory entry on the early entry post and then on Monday (yes that’s only a couple more days!) you can get your extra entries!

Be sure to also give Kolcraft some love since they are so generously donating this stroller by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I would like to have the Contours® Optima™

  2. I like the contours options II Tandem double stroller. I would love to take it for a spin!