Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nutrisystem #NSNation {Week 24 & 25} No Change :(

I’ve pretty much fallen off the bandwagon and summer has been really hard for me and my weight loss. I have had no change in the last two weeks and I know it’s because I don’t have very much motivation. We are FINALLY starting to get some decent summer weather that isn’t all gray skies and rain and it’s starting to bring me out of my slump. My kids are back from spending an extra 2 1/2 weeks on vacation with their grandparents and I need to get back into a normal routine of things. Today I ate really good with Nutrisystem and enjoyed a Blueberry Muffin for breakfast, Steak and Cheese Melt for lunch and I flexed for dinner with chicken and a little mac & cheese my family made because I was just too tired at that point. I know that getting my butt back in the gym will help me too. When I eat Nutrisystem foods and follow the plan or just plain use the common sense that Nutrisystem has taught me- to eat better portion sizes to eat many more veggies and fruits and to make smarter low fat or non fat choices when it comes to dairy I do well. I’m very much a stressful/tired/depressed eater- yep when I’m feeling one of those three emotions to any extent I turn to eating. But hey at least I’m recognizing it right, first step – which means I just need to get my motivation back and get into the gym and use the membership I’m paying for! My struggle right now is that it’s summer and my kids are all home now and it’s going to be an added expense to take them all to the gym so I’m going to go in on Saturday and talk to them about my options just for the month of August for unlimited kids room.
So nothing exciting at all to post here- I’m still sitting at about 132.5lbs and struggling to lose the last 10lbs- I think that’s typically known as the hardest to get rid of anyway. So wish me luck! I’m going to try and get back on track so I have more positive information to report!
Current Weight: 132.5lbs
Goal Weight: 125lbs
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