Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dave Ramsey Kids {Back-to-School Sponsor}



I have been a huge fan of Dave Ramsey, his programs and his down to earth simple thoughts on money. Last June we took his Financial Peace University courses with a group of friends from church and it has changed our lives! His program is about living a debt free life without credit cards or loans, saving up for purchases and “Living like no one else so later you can LIVE like no one else.” I love the ideas. It’s about going back to basics and living like our grandparents or great grandparents did without debt, with a budget and paying with cash. We’ve tried so much harder to live within our means and budget absolutely EVERYTHING- I’m happy to say that in 11 months we’ve paid off over $47,000 in debt and are well on our way to becoming debt free! (Probably only a few more months and hopefully by the end of the year we’ll have our debt paid off and our 3-6 month emergency fund done.) Now my biggest concern is that we aren’t teaching these principles to our children! How much better off I would have been if I had really taken these principles to heart as a child and if they had actually been taught in school- wow the difference that would have made!

We decided as a family the biggest impact we can have on our children is by the things we teach them at home (since the schools are lacking in this area) we purchased Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Jr. for kids kits and have started with them. 

drstore-fp_jr-yth_fpjr_fp_jr_kitFinancial Peace Jr. Kit: (Ages 3-10)

  • Dry-erase board to track commission earnings
  • Dry-erase board to track savings amounts
  • Envelop system (3 separate envelopes)
  • Clip-n-carry coin case
  • Give, Spend, and Save magnets
  • Cool calculator
  • Instruction manual
  • Instructional audio CD

I loved the Financial Peace Jr. kits- my two oldest children are 7 and 6 and it was perfectly geared towards them. The ideas are simple and it was easy for them to understand. The fact that mom and dad are following the same program steps helps too- teach by example. Every Sunday when we go to pay our tithes to our church the kids open up their give envelopes and pay theirs- I’ve even had them at times say I don’t have any money in my Give envelope I need to get some from my spending envelope. While that’s not exactly the principle I want to teach them because I want them to understand that their tithe like our church teaches is 10% of your increase and they’ve already paid the money on that spending money, but oh to have the heart of a child and want to give to me shows their increased knowledge of what is really important.

drstore-books-bk_childrens_books_box_6Dave Ramsey also has some other products for kids including the 6 Kids Books Boxed Set- stories about a little kid named Junior. that are both colorful and entertaining books teaching them how to manage and handle money. Great principles! There are also audio CD’s that go along with these books and even a Junior’s Adventure Bank (set up similar to the envelope system with the Save, Spend and Give categories). I was lucky and actually won the books and audio CD’s on a blog giveaway. My seven year old daughter has taken a love to these books and whenever she needs to read something whether it be for school or for the summer reading program she’s involved in she wants to read these books! I love it.


All of these kid’s products can be purchased in the Kid’s Monster Pack (ages 3-10) (retail value $119) that’s on sale right now for only $49.95!


Be sure to check out Dave Ramsey on Facebook and Twitter. You can even listen to his radio show online HERE.

Dave Ramsey and the Lampo group have donated a Kid’s Monster Pack to our Back-to-School Giveaway Event which I’m excited to say that one reader will win! So be sure to come back and enter the big giveaway August 7-13th.

Disclosure: This review is an honest unbiased opinion of Dave Ramsey and the Lampo Group’s products and services. I was in no way paid with product or monetarily for this posting. Product however is being provided free of charge to the winner of our Back-to-School Giveaway Event by Dave Ramsey and the Lamp Group. 


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