Thursday, August 25, 2011

Totally Rad- RadLab {Review: Photo Editing}


RadLab_largeAre you a photographer or just an amateur using Photoshop but looking for a quick way to edit your photos? I have lots of different actions loaded into Photoshop to try and make my life easier during editing however now that I’ve found RadLab

I can pretty much get rid of all of my extra actions now! RadLab is super simple to use and a very good tool if you’re a visual person like me. Sometimes I spend hours editing just because I’m constantly making duplicates of images, running actions on them and then discarding because I don’t like the outcome. RadLab makes it easier because you open up your filter program in Photoshop and it gives you a visual of what each stylet will look like when applied to your picture. You can also mix and match just add the stylet onto your picture in the filter and then add another and you can use the box to the right hand side to click and remove or add the stylets back to your photo. It also gives you the freedom to charge the percentage of the stylet applied to your picture with a slider tool or number input. This makes fine tuning your image simple! You can even after all that save your own recipe so you don’t have to figure it all out again. With a combination of 78 stylets- 28 brand new effects plus 50 classic favorites, you’ll have plenty of looks to choose from. One of the best parts of the program- RadLab is non-destructive. You can use RadLab as a Photoshop Smart Filter allowing you to go back and make changes to your Recipe at any time without destroying your image.

This program is super easy for amateurs to use and gives enough flexibility and control for photographers. 

BEFORE- Original Strait Out of Camera


AFTER- Edited with RadLab

Clarify 50%, Warm It Up, Kris! 10% and Lights On 50%

 shannon and sophie

My Pick- The original after edit was my husband’s favorite pick but I like it even a little bit brighter- just ran the saved recipe I used on the first one again- so this is a double edit.

double radlab

original1sterling black and white

Here’s another image that I simply wanted to convert to black and white- just opened the program moussed over the stylet options for black and white- chose the Sterling BW Stylet and saved!

So if you’re looking for ease and flexibility when it comes to photo editing RadLab is definitely the program for you! If you’re stuck on actions- well The Totally Rad Store has those too and some awesome looking ones at that, so check them out! You can even test drive their actions and presets by signing up for a free account. RadLab retails for $149.00 – immediate download.

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Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of RadLab I was given product free of charge to review but was not compensated monetarily.


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