Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Umi Shoes {Back-to-School Sponsor}



Umi-logoIt’s time to start thinking about your Back-to-School Shopping! With three little girls clothes and shoes and lots of them are definitely on our list. I went through all of the kid’s stuff the other day and while my 3 year old has TONS of shoes that are still in good condition and still fit my older two 6 and 7 year olds are in desperate need of new shoes- they are just so rough on them and when you are buying cheap shoes you can expect to purchase multiple pairs in a short amount of time, but not with Umi.

My 3 year old has a pair of Umi shoes and looking at them compared to the other shoes in her drawer they are in much better condition and will probably last longer than she actually fits in them. I love the thought that she’ll grow out of them before they wear out! So when Umi offered me a pair of shoes to review I jumped at the chance. My 7 year old isn’t as fashion conscious as my 6 year old and Umi has some unique, creative and fun looking shoes along with their classics so I decided to let her pick this time which shoes she wanted.

32219-001She chose the Panache style shoes and really wanted the Pewter/Pink color but they were all out of stock in her size so we settled on the black- which made me happy because it meant they would match more outfits and she would be able to also wear them to church. They are a simple black shoe underneath with a touch of flair on top with the addition of the flower flower attached to an elastic ankle strap which means they’ll be durable outside on the playground for running around without the worry of slipping off. The thing I LOVE the most about Umi shoes, are their soles. They don’t feel thin like other shoes and while these look like a nice dress shoe I know they won’t be worn out as quickly because of their great thick sturdy sole. The price is a little more than you’d pay at a cheap shoe retailer but you are definitely paying for quality here. These are shoes that when my 6 year old grows out of them I’m sure they’ll still be in great condition to save for my 3 year old when the time comes.

Umi provides a wide variety of styles for both boys and girls ages 1-8 but be sure to use their sizing chart to measure your child’s feet because it’s just a little bit different than we’re used to in the United States.

Be sure to check their clearance section too- right now you can find some of their really cute sandals for around 1/2 price.

I’m excited to announce that Umi will be one of our sponsors for the Back-to-School Giveaway Event August 7-13th where you’ll have the opportunity to win any pair of Umi shoes for your own child. So be sure to grab the BONUS ENTRIES below for this sponsor prize and then come back and enter the giveaway August 7th.

Disclosure: This review is an honest unbiased opinion of Umi Shoes. Product was sent free of charge to review, but there was no monetary compensation involved.


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