Monday, March 26, 2012

Max’s Mole Mash App {Max & Ruby- Review}



maxEver since I got an iPad for Christmas all of my kids think it belongs to them, which means I’ve got plenty of games for them on it. Rather than let them download all the free stuff they want I’ve specifically chosen some great apps for them that I think they’ll enjoy and am always updating what is available for them to play with on my iPad so they don’t get bored.

My kids recognize the Max & Ruby show from television and have loved the idea of a game based on these fun characters. The game features some of the following enjoyable content:

  • Select from 8 Max & Ruby themed mole mash machines
  • Play in Arcade or Puzzle mode
  • Enjoy an unlimited number of levels to play and mash
  • Unlock a mini version of the racing game, Speedy Max
  • Collect 8 Max & Ruby Wallpapers


The main area of the game is pretty simple just tap the screen every time you see a mole show up to help Max mash them before Grandma gets home. Just mash all the moles before time runs out to win! My almost 4 year old has especially loved this game and it has kept her entertained while running errands and sitting in the doctor’s office. It is extremely addicting and geared for both the younger crowd and my older girls. My little one plays with the version where you can just mash all the moles while my two older girls (6 and 8) like the version where you have to mash only certain moles that show up on the screen. The game definitely gets more challenging as you go on, which I love because it doesn’t get boring. The kids also love the collectable wallpapers even though mom is always switching it back to something I prefer when they change it.

badge_appstore-lrgBUY:  I prefer this app to most of the free ones because generally I find the free app games don’t last very long or have bugs while this one, a paid app it’s a great economical price, only $0.99. (Just click on the AppStore logo to the right to purchase and download.)

Disclosure: I received this app free of charge to review,but did not receive any monetary compensation for this posting.


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