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Robby Wash Laundry Ball {Review & Giveaway}



oransi_logo_low_resLaundry can be a daunting chore in our house. With three little girls under the age of 8 that are always going through piles of clothes, even though they might not be as dirty as they should be. My three year old changes her clothes constantly and mixes them in with dirty clothes so I just have to wash them all. Luckily we have two washers and two dryers in our house so the chore gets done quicker than it normally would but it’s still one of my least favorite things to do.

My six and eight year old however can do laundry as can the three year old with a little help so it does make it a bit easier. The biggest problem we have is with the soap. The kids are always spilling soap everywhere on the floor when they try to do the laundry, especially when they are arguing over who gets to do what. We typically buy our detergent at Costco because we can buy it in bulk and it seems to be the best price however even with that the money still adds up when they are spilling it all the time. That’s where my love of the new Robby Wash Laundry Ball comes in!


I was privileged to have the opportunity to try the Robby Wash Laundry Ball and since I have two washers and only got one I was able to do a pretty good comparison with it.

EASY TO USE! (This is my favorite feature)

Just toss it in the washing machine (top or front loading- it works in both) and leave it there. I did have to watch the kids and make sure they were taking it out of the washing machine before throwing the clean laundry into the dryer so it didn’t go in there, however I’m not sure it would have killed it (just make it not last as long probably).

SAVE MONEY! (Who doesn’t want to save money right?!)

My second favorite thing is that it’s easy on your wallet! The Robby Wash Ball is good for the equivalent of 12 months or 120 loads of laundry. I do much more laundry that that because that’s only like 2 loads of laundry a week, but it’s still a great savings! In fact is comparative to about $0.25 per load of laundry where detergent can cost much more. For me it’s saving much more than that too because my kids aren’t spilling detergent everywhere and wasting it.

Some other great features and benefits of the Robby Wash include:

  • Targeted Cleaning: The fuschia colored ball can be used for low temperatures and the blue washing ball for high temperature. Maintains softeness in your laundry while removing odors and stains.
  • Hypoallergenic: Since you’re not using so much detergent your clothes are cleaned in a way that’s much easier on your skin, while giving you great performance.
  • Baby Safe Laundry Solution: Formulated to be gentle on your child’s clothes but strong enough to remove the stains. (This is also important to me being an expecting mom- our baby will be here in less than two weeks- which is just going to add to our laundry craziness!)
  • Free stain stick included with each washing ball purchase.
  • Fresh Scent: Your clothes will have a light fresh scent for a feeling of freshness. (I like this because the scent is not overpowering but gives your clothes that clean smell.)
  • High Efficiency Laundry: Each Robby Wash ball pack will clean on average for 12 months. This includes three refill packets of macromolecules. If you have an over-sized washing machine they recommend using two washing balls.
  • Helps the Environment: Just look at what dumping down the pipes (10 ounce ball = 75+ pounds of laundry detergent)!


  • Economical Refills: Simply open the tab on the ball to refill with the macro molecule pellets when they are less than 75% full. This keeps you from having to throw away the ball. Each ball should last 2-3 years.
  • Safety: Designed in France to meet the strict compliance requirements of the Europe and contains no phosphates or chlorine. The Robby Wash ball has received safety certifications from REACH, RoHS. Each ball is made of durable ABS materials.
If you have a larger washing machine you will need two of these Robby Wash Balls to get the job done!

While I will admit that I loved this product for it’s ease of use and the potential to save money and it worked what I felt was just as well as my regular laundry detergent on my regular loads of laundry I did struggle with it a little bit when it came to the load of laundry I tried to do with my three year olds wet things. Since she’s three years old she has accidents throughout the day- not completely potty trained yet- so I threw all her wet underwear in the washing machine along with a small jacket that had been left outside overnight and it rained (muddy plus wet). I had to run a second load of laundry to get the smell out and used my regular laundry detergent instead because I didn’t feel like the Robby Wash ball was powerful enough to get that pee smell out. I’m thinking it might have worked better if I had two Robby Wash balls in my washing machine because mine is a little on the bigger size and there were quite a few clothes in there. Overall though I was impressed by the Robby Wash ball on a whole. It’s definitely a product I would suggest trying for only $32.95. That’s not quite two boxes of the laundry detergent I buy at Costco that go a LOT quicker than this ball will.

BUY: You can purchase the Robby Wash ball online at Oransi for only $32.95.

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