Saturday, April 7, 2012

Green Works- The Reverse Graffiti Gallery {Sweepstakes}



304136_10150441205721521_49648896520_10689679_2084310881_nThis time of year I always start thinking about Spring Cleaning and I always turn to Green Works and their line of products for all my cleaning needs. I was excited to check out Green Works Facebook page and read that they were hosting an exciting sweepstakes!

On May 29th, Green Works is marking one of Los Angeles’ grimiest alleys beautiful through the power of cleaning. You can ENTER for a CHANCE TO WIN a trip to L.A. with Green Works to help transform the alley into a reverse graffiti art piece. Your art will be featured as the final installation in The Reverse Graffiti Gallery.


You can read more about The Reverse Graffiti Gallery HERE – a method of creating art by removing dirt from a filthy surface.

You can also grab your $1 off coupon for a bottle of Green Works cleaning supply to help start your Spring Cleaning and be sure to share this with you friends on Facebook!

Oh and not only will the winner win a chance to have their art featured in the final installation of The Reverse Graffiti Gallery but the winner will also win $1000 for spending money and tickets to arts museums in the area- what a great prize!

So head to Green Works’ Facebook Page for your chance to win!


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