Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tips for Your Child’s First Phone

My eldest child just turned eleven last month. With the reason that he is now eleven, my child started asking for a phone. Apparently, it has been customary for many children nowadays to have their first phone on their second grade or eleventh birthday. If you find yourself in the same situation, then this post may be able to help you.

Should you? Of course, the most obvious question in this case is whether or not to give your child a phone. If you have the resources, I would have to say "Why not?" Cell phones or smart phones will allow you to contact your children anywhere they go, which means additional security. Aside from this, the use of smart phones will open you children's awareness on how computers, gadgets, and technology work which is pretty much necessary given how modern lifestyle is run by gadgets and mobile connectivity.

Inappropriate content Given today's phones having a bunch of features such as web connectivity, video compatibility, and Bluetooth, your child obtaining inappropriate content is a valid concern. The latest network carriers nowadays have a parental control feature which can resolve your concern. I suggest asking your network carrier for the said feature.

What phone should you give your children? Given that you can afford and are willing to give your child a phone, the next question is "What phone should I get." That depends on what you want your children to have. If you merely want your children to have something to use for security purposes, then any phone offered by Tracfone or Straight Talk would do. These phones are very cost-efficient, easy to use, and durable.

However, if you want your children to have a general idea on the complexities of gadgets and mobile devices; and if you want your children to enjoy different educational applications, I would have to go for phones like the iPhone 4S or other cheaper alternatives like HTC Desire S, Samsung Galaxy Ace and others. These phones may cost quite a lot, but promotion codes and discounted deals give significant discounts. I find ConnectionFly to be quite helpful on this matter.

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