Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What’s Your Favorite Baby Carrier?

With a new baby, okay he’s already 2 months old now, boy the time has flown by fast- I’ve recently found myself with the need for a baby carrier.

britax-baby-carrier-48-4eb-lI have the Britax baby carrier pictured below. I seem to really like this carrier, it’s definitely more of a traditional baby carrier in my mind. My two favorite features are that it’s simple to put on and put baby in and that it gives me support so my back doesn’t start hurting after a little while. I really like this carrier. My baby goes back and forth he has his days where he likes it and there are days where he wants nothing to do with it. I’m thinking that once he gets a little older, is able to hold his head up a little better and I can face him outwards he’ll enjoy it much more.


The other carrier I have is a Moby Wrap just like the one pictured below.

I really like the Moby Wrap in that I can keep my baby really close to me, which he prefers because he’d rather I not put him in a carrier/wrap and just hold him and dedicate all my time and energy focused just on him :). The downside of the Moby Wrap for us is that I have to put a piece of the fabric over his head like shown in the picture because he doesn’t have complete control of his head yet and he HATES that. He absolutely hates having the fabric over his head so I’m sure when he gets a little bigger and can be situated in the wrap a little better and differently he’ll enjoy it.

So I’m still at a loss of what to do for right now, so the big question is what types of baby carriers did you use for your baby when they were in the infant up to 3 months stage and beyond? What were some of your favorites? I really would like to know the opinions of my readers to help me find something that might work better for us so just leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Thanks!!


My prior decisions to purchase the Britax carrier and Moby Wrap were highly influenced by the opinions of online friends from the April 2012 Birth group I’m a part of in one of the forums on Baby Center. Baby Center has been a great place for me to go for answers during my pregnancy and with all stages of my children’s lives. I’ve been able to have conversations with other moms in similar situations from everything on epidurals, circumcision and baby products. I also love the feature on their site where you can put in your baby’s due date or birth date and it’ll give you a week by week update of where your baby should be based on the average for milestones and such. If you haven’t checked it out you definitely should!


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