Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shutterfly Holiday Photo Cards {GIVEAWAY}

Did you know there are only 72 days until Christmas and only 55 days until Hanukkah! The holidays are approaching much faster than I thought. We’ve had such nice weather here in Seattle- shocker- that I’ve been deceived with what month it actually is. However the rain did finally start yesterday and we are finally experiencing Fall and Winter will be here shortly! With all the rain I’m definitely wishing we had already taken our pictures for our Holiday Cards, like last week. I am however stalking the weather forecast and going to do it as soon as I get something good- which could be maybe one or two days this next week. I’ll be taking my kids to the park to hopefully get some good pictures of them in the leaves so with that in mind I will be preparing my Holiday Cards around that theme.

I’m hoping my kids will let me get individual pictures of each of them and then a group photo together however I know I t’s going to be a tough task so I have a few different card options I really like to chose from depending on what photos I get.

This top choice I’ll probably use if I can get an individual picture of the each child and then a group photo- since I have 4 kids.


I really like the Photo Christmas Cards, they are definitely my favorite. In fact I don’t really like getting cards in the mail that don’t have photos on them or a photo included because sometimes I can’t remember who the people are sending me the card, especially relatives I don’t see often.

This choice will be if they don’t allow me to get a group photo of them together.


Of course if we just get a modge podge of random photos of all the kids then there are also some great options through Shutterfly that allow me to include lots of photos on my card.

Shutterfly has some great deals going on right now so be sure to check out their Special Offers.

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