Friday, November 2, 2012

Dollar General’s Premium Diapers {Diapers on a Budget}


DG logoWhen you have a baby at home things start to add up and it almost feels like you’re paying for your infant to go to college right off the back. I never realized how much having a baby really costs when it all comes down to it. Of course I wouldn’t trade any of my 4 kids for more money, hmmm okay wait maybe some days Smile totally kidding, I do however have some older girls who are starting to feel like I’ve got 14 and 15 year old teenagers in the house. When it comes to your baby though you want the best product and the best quality for the best price. I’m excited to announce and tell you all about the new Dollar General Baby Premium Diapers. I was a little hesitant at first because part of my mindset always thinks that the more expensive it is the better quality you’ll get, however I can definitely say with quite a few products that’s absolutely not true! I was impressed by these diapers, just feeling them out of the package I can tell they don’t feel like a cheap quality diaper- believe me I’ve tried those cheap diapers and I’d take these over them any day! I love that they have a soft liner so I don’t feel like I’m putting something uncomfortable on my baby- I’m sure for those of you who’ve tried cheap diapers know what I’m talking about. I like to relate it to cheap paper towels (usually the ones found in store bathrooms) they’re rough and you don’t want to wipe your hands on them. Dollar General’s diapers are nothing like that! The outer cover is soft too and they have the cutest animal prints on them.

diaper illustration DG diaper package 

They claim to be Ultra Absorbent to lock away Wetness, yet have a Soft, Thin and Flexible Design for a less bulky fit. I agree to an extent. I LOVED these diapers on my baby during the day. They were great. I didn’t have any problems with leaks and I didn’t feel like I was changing my little one’s diaper any more often than I normally do. I did however have a problem with them at night. My 7 month old son sleeps through the night, thank goodness- however that means he’s in the same diaper for a good 12 hours some nights so I didn’t actually expect these diapers to hold up that long. There are quite a few mornings where he’ll be completely soaked with any diaper so I’m thinking I may have to try and find something specifically geared for overnight use.


  • High Stretch Side Panels, for a soft flexible fit that will move with your active baby.
  • Soft Inner Liner is Hypoallergenic with Vitamin E and Aloe to help protect baby’s skin.
  • Soft, Stretchy Leak Guards
  • Cottony Soft Outer Cover
  • Size printed on every diaper
  • Ultra Absorbent to lock away wetness, yet have a soft, thin and flexible design for a less bulky fit.

Overall I’d say these diapers are a great deal! A good product for a great price and if you have a Dollar General nearby you should pick up a package today and try them out!

For more information about Dollar General’s premium diapers you can check out their baby section online.

Disclosure: All opinions expressed here are my own. I was provided with free product to aid in this review however no monetary compensation was received.


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