Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yes I Have Four Kids!

If you haven’t read THIS blog post over at My Life and Kids then you definitely should! All of us mom’s with four kids can totally relate and for those moms with less than four kids, well you should read this too so you can understand why I’m so crazy because I think it sums it up pretty well.


Oh my children are so precious, but about 95% of the time it’s pretty much this….


So go on over to My Life and Kids and read her funny post-

Why YOU Should Have at Least 4 Kids

(These pictures were taken in October our weather is definitely not this nice and pretty anymore.)

Oh and of course right after I post this my friend posts the following on Facebook, hilarious!

“The way I see it, if you have four kids, you don’t really have to do anything else, ever. Three kids is a handful, but one that many people manage to hold. If you’re a mother of four, you definitely don’t have to have a career or volunteer for the school fund-raiser or even bring an appetizer to the dinner party. In fact, people give you a lot of credit for wearing both earrings and knowing how to spell chaos and antidepressant. Four kids gives you a pass for every forgotten birthday, overlooked appointment, and missing form. Plus, you can be late for everything the rest of your life and never return phone calls. Who’s gonna blame you? It’s like having nonthreatening cancer, forever.” 

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  1. cute and funny, we wanted 2 kids, ended up with 3 kids, but i know we need 4- i dont want that therapy bill either.