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13 Pinterest Power Users {Guaranteed to Save You Money}

I’m a HUGE fan of Pinterest and if you’re not following me there yet be sure to check out my profile. Pinterest is great for recipes, home decor, misc tips and great products! What’s even better than a place full of great images that you can save to read later are ones that provide you with great ways to save money from $5 Dinners, Thrifty Decor Chick and more! has put together an article titled “13 Pinterest Power Users Guaranteed to Save You Money”. Be sure to check out this great article and start following these awesome pinners.

Pinterest can be useful for inspiring your artsy-craftsy side. But in addition to the many creative food, decor and party ideas that it provides, the site can also save you money. Here are a few power pinners whose sole purpose is to help make your life a little less expensive.

1. $5 Dinners:
Page Link:
Followers: 10,476

Erin Chase, better known as the $5 Dinner Mom, is a popular Pinterest personality that is all about cooking on a budget. From budget-friendly recipes to cooking for food allergies to pinning about money-saving classes, this fun page is brimming with ways to be fat and happy, on the cheap.
5 Dollar Dinners

2. Mom Advice:
Page Link:
Followers: 75,917

As the author of The Good Life for Less and founder of Mom Advice, Amy Clark clearly knows a thing or two about saving money. With over 75,000 followers, her page is a popular space for tips on money management, upcycling and decorating a cheap, chic home.
Mom Advice3.
Page Link:
Followers: 7,803

To be fair, it wouldn’t be a complete list of money-saving power pinners unless we threw our own name into the hat—after all, it’s what we do. With printable coupons and coupon codes that are updated daily, we are proud to say that our brimming boards of dollar-saving ideas, tips, advice and DIY craft ideas are some of the most helpful money-saving tools you’ll find online.

4. Thrifty Decor Chick:
Page Link:
Followers: 45,898

It’s all too easy to spend a bundle on decorating your home. Yes, you can save by shopping at IKEA, but if you want to be at all unique, decorating by way of the designers can really add up. With that in mind, the Thrifty Décor Chick is a power pinner that has made a name for herself by sharing simple, inexpensive ways to decorate your home because she believes “your home should be your haven and it shouldn’t cost a fortune to make it that way.”

Thrifty Decor

5. Fabulessly Frugal:
Page Link:
Followers: 16,227

Although the name is a dead giveaway, Fabulessly Frugal is a Pinterest power pinner that aims to empower people to save money with a variety of educational boards. You can learn about couponing, get budget recipes, find DIY homemade cleaning products, discover online deals and freebies, plus learn about freezer meals, canning and preserving—everything you need to live a frugal yet fabulous life.
Frab Frugal

6. Upcycled:
Page Link:
Followers: 1,129,861

Of course, saving money isn’t just about using coupons for discounts on new goods. It’s also about limiting your expenditures on new items by making the most of your old stuff. Specializing in this very thing, Upcycled is an extremely creative Pinterest board by Justina Blakeney, a designer and stylist, that has endless ideas of how to repurpose your old items and transform them into new, useful and free wares.

7. Freebies 4 Mom:
Page Link:
Followers: 13,171

Taking the empathetic approach to her thriftiness, Heather Hernandez and her Freebies 4 Mom page are all about sharing freebies because “you deserve freebies!” With an impressive 88 boards and 3,556 pins and counting, Hernandez is one of the more active pinners in the group. With clearly marked boards of freebies, prizes, deals and giveaways, she’s clearly succeeding in her mission to help you save.


8. Raining Hot Coupons:
Page Link:
Followers: 10,721

In addition to having one of the more creative names of the bunch, Raining Hot Coupons is also a great Pinterest page for all kinds of money-saving coupons, freebies, deals, recipes, DIY boards, “frugal tips” and much more. This is a light-hearted pinner with some great ideas!
Raining Coupons

9. Heidi at The Frugal Girls:
Page Link:
Followers: 124,064

Heidi, at The Frugal Girls, has amassed an extremely impressive batch of Pinterest followers (124,000+) because she has become an abundant resource for great money-saving ideas. Ultimately, her page does more than just talk about saving money on your meals. She also has boards for the frugal fashionista, saving on weddings and honeymoons, “travel tips + tricks” and even copycat restaurant recipes that’ll have you cooking your favorite restaurant meals at home without the expense of dining out.
Frugal Girls

10. Repurpose Reuse:
Page Link:
Followers: 5,155

Floating in the same vein as the Upcycled board above, the Repurpose Reuse Pinterest board by the Nurture Nature Project draws ideas from, and to create an informative board (with no eco-snobbery) that will help you save money by repurposing and reusing everyday items to craft new and unique creations.
Repurpose Reuse

11. We’re Used to Reusing:
Page Link:
Followers: 88,453

While this might not be a traditional “power pinner” account, the We’re Used to Reusing page is a power board with multiple contributors, all for the cause of saving money by way of reusing. In the end, this page bleeds creativity and it’s refreshing to see so many fresh, frugal perspectives.
We are Used to Reusing

12. Budget Savvy Diva:
Page Link:
Followers: 257,239

Hailing from the Great Northwest, the Budget Savvy Diva from Portland, OR, is our final Pinterest source for helping you save money. Offering Cyber Monday deals (all year round), affordable crock pot recipes, frugal gift cards and many other budget friendly tips, the Budget Savvy Diva lives up to her name.


13. KitchMe:
Page Link:
Followers: 2,209

Last but not least, we’d like to highlight just one final high-value page with some great tips for preparing delicious meals with big-time grocery savings. Yes, brought to you by yours truly, KitchMe is brimming with easy, fast recipes that both your family and your bank account will love.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these Pinterest power pinners that can save you money. But it shouldn’t end here! All of these pinners are extremely active and by following them, you can continue to save and save and save.

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