Monday, July 8, 2013

Let’s Play Outside Week {PBS Kids}




The weather is heating up and it’s time for some summer fun with “Let’s Play Outside Week,” featuring five days of special Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episodes on PBS KIDS that will encourage preschoolers to go outdoors, explore and learn! The grr-ific adventure, which kicks-off on Monday, July 15 with the world premiere of the episode “Safety Patrol”/“Safety at the Beach” (check local listings), also includes these episodes that find Daniel and his friends in the great outdoors:

Tuesday, July 16 – “A Trip to the Enchanted Garden”/“A Trip to the Crayon Factory

Wednesday, July 17 – “Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car”/“Katerina Shares her Tutu

Thursday, July 18 –   “Fruit Picking Day”/“Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad

Friday, July 19 – “Play Pretend”/“Super Daniel!

Playing outside is about more than just having fun, it’s also about staying safe. In “Safety at the Beach,” Daniel and Katerina learn that it’s important to stop, listen and pay attention when they’re at Jungle Beach with Mom. And in “Safety Patrol,” Prince Tuesday takes his friends on a walk through the Neighborhood and they practice their safety rules all along the way.

Inspired by Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the exciting upcoming Let’s Play Outside Week,” here are some fun ideas for summertime exploration in your own neighborhood – and a few simple safety tips, too!:

  • Go Fruit or Vegetable Picking! If you don’t have your own garden, visit the farmers’ market or local orchard. Many local farms will let you pick your own seasonal produce right off the tree, plant or vine! Be sure your kids drink lots of water to stay hydrated – it’s hot out there!
  • Take a swim! Plan a trip together to a nearby lake or beach. Be sure to slather on the sunscreen and reapply after water play! And, for safety’s sake, always make note of lifeguard stations and stay within arm’s reach of children when they’re in the water.
  • Visit the playground! Bring a picnic lunch and let your preschooler swing, slide, climb and run around. Remember to check out the playground equipment to make sure it’s not too hot – and teach kids how to use it the right way! (And remember, hydration is key.)
  • Take a hike! Explore a nearby nature trail or walk through the woods. To avoid any “pesky” situations, be sure to tuck pants into socks, wear light clothing, and use child-safe bug spray when in wooded areas. And for everyone’s safety, stay in the center of trails or paths.

Since it’s been getting close to or over 100 degrees almost every single day for us in Texas we’ve had to adjust our schedules and play on the playground toys in the early morning or late evenings. My kids have loved swimming though! They’ve been taking lessons for the last three weeks now and are becoming real water bugs making sure to slather on lots of Coppertone sunscreen every time and grabbing the life jacket for their little brother. Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the sunshine and of course we’ll be watching the new episodes on PBS kids with Daniel Tiger and his friends- it’s a great indoor activity in the middle of the day when it’s too hot for us to be outside.

Disclosure: This post, images and video clip were provided courtesy of PBS Kids. No monetary compensation was received, all opinions are my own.


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