Friday, July 26, 2013

Proskin Slim Leggings {28 Day Challenge}



1I’m always looking for ways to help my body look and feel healthier. I know that eating healthy and exercising are vital and important parts to the process but was offered an opportunity to try out Proskin Slim Leggings and thought I’d give them a try. In the last six months I feel like I have been under a lot of extra stress and when I’m stressed I eat. I also haven’t been working out at the gym like I normally do. Summer always puts a damper on my ability to hit the gym as well because I’ve got all four kids at home and I always end up eating off their plates so it’s not wasted or with all our running around our meals aren’t as healthy. So I’ve started a 28 Day Challenge with Proskin and am hoping to see a little bit of a change in my body. Maybe these leggings will be able to slowly help my stretched out skin after having four kids bounce back.

2Right now I’m into Week 2 of my challenge and have already seen an overall inch loss in my hips, thighs and calves totaling 2.5 inches. That’s just from wearing the Proskin Slim Leggings to bed at night and not making any other changes in my life. I know I need to start eating healthier and exercising more but for the sake of seeing how well Proskin leggings work I wanted to make it the only variable change in my experiment :)  

The Proskin slim leggings are fitted and super comfortable- they are really soft and have even made my skin start feeling a little extra soft. They are definitely not something I’d wear on their own, which is why wearing them to bed is the best option for me. Proskins are meant to help shape, tone and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This revolutionary product provides an innovative new way to do this without the need for surgery or creams.

How Does It Work?

SLIM is constructed using patented micro-encapsulated yarn. These micro-capsules are released in a controlled way throughout the lifetime of the garment.

  • Each filament holds thousands of microcapsules
  • These micro-capsules are messaged into the skin during wear
  • Each micro-capsule contains active natural ingredients to reduce cellulite
  • The specific level of compression promotes lymphatic drainage

Micro-Capsules Contain:

    • Caffeine: A natural slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction.
    • Retinol: A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen, giving a youthful appearance to skin.
    • Vitamin E: An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh.
    • Aloe Vera: A plant extract that makes the skin feel smoother an d softer.
    • Ceramides: Restores the skin’s barrier system providing immediate tensor effect.

Other Technology Inside:

    • Moisture Management: Keeps the body cool, dry and comfortable throughout the day.
    • Active Micro-Climate: Body temperature regulated to 98.6 degrees F
    • Silver Anti-Bacterial Treatment: Keeps fabric clean for extended wear/improved garment life.

I was worried at first with the summer heat in Texas that I wouldn’t be able to wear these leggings- even to bed (my house seems to get hot at night) but because of the way they regulate body temperature they’ve been great! My favorite part is their softness. I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything so soft. I’m satisfied with my progress so far and Proskin Slim Leggings and I’m hoping next time I blog that I’ll have even better numbers to share with you. If you’d like to check out Proskins you can read more about them and your purchase your own HERE.

Disclosure: A pair of Proskin Slim Leggings were provided to me for this challenge. Information here has been provided by Proskins. All opinions and results are my own and in no way influenced by any outside factors. Others results may be different. No monetary compensation was received for this posting or as part of this challenge.


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