Saturday, July 20, 2013

Superbook {Bible Stories for Kids on DVD}

About a month ago I did a post a bout the Superbook Summer Series that would be airing on CBS on Saturdays in June and on ABC in July. If you didn’t get a chance to see these or if you did and now your hooked and want more you’ll be excited to hear that you can get all the Superbook Bible Stories on DVD.

Superbook is based on CBN’s classic cartoon from the 80’s but like everything else they have brought it back, new and re-imagined featuring amazing Bible stories brought to life using state-of-the-art animation. This award-winning series engages children and teaches them the powerful truths in God’s Word.

We received 14 episodes of Superbook on DVD and my kids LOVE them! Some of them have sequences that might be a little intense for younger kids but that’s why they encourage parents to watch them first. My kids aren’t really scared of much but I did watch the episode “In the Beginning” one morning before my kids got out of bed. The thing I really liked about it is that they showed more of the actual story. It’s not just the story of the creation where God creates the Earth and goes through the seven day sequence then Satan just shows up in the Garden of Eden to tempt Adam and Eve. The Bible portion of the story begins with the original war in Heaven where you see Lucifer fall from Heaven. This was definitely the part they were talking about possibly being intense but my youngest daughter who’s 5 years old didn’t have a problem with it.

Of course my kids favorite part is probably the robot and the time travel aspect of the story but I love that Superbook offers something fun where you can sneak in some really great lessons that I know are being engrained in their brain every time they watch them.

If you’re looking for something great for your kids and want to know more about how you can own Superbook on DVD I would suggest checking out The Superbook DVD Club. You will automatically receive each episode of the series as they are released and in addition they can send you two free copies to share with your friends and loved ones! To join just go to and click on “Get Superbook.” (You can also find some really fun games online on this same page if you click on “Games and Contests at the bottom of the page. Since we discovered the games my five year old is always asking me to get them for her on the computer so she can play.)

Be sure to check out Superbook on Facebook and Twitter too for more fun stuff!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received free Superbook product to aid in my review and in exchange for this post. No monetary compensation was received.


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