Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plexus Slim {All-Natural Weight Loss Program} Challenge

I can remember a time where I was a size 2 – yes that was MANY years ago before I started having kids, so I don’t count on ever being there again but through 4 pregnancies my weight has been up and down and at one point I had gotten back to a size 4 and was feeling great. I had so much more energy, I was able to chase the kids through the park, walk to school with them and not feel overly exhausted after a few minutes.

I’m a little ashamed to say that because of quiet a bit of stress in the last seven months I’ve gotten to where I weigh the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. In fact for a while I got rid of the scale in my house and had no idea where I stood. Finally about a month ago I made the decision that I wanted to get back into shape. I haven’t been going to the gym (where I used to go for an hour every single day) and I haven’t been eating healthy, and while I just didn’t feel like I had the time to workout with how involved I am in PTA at the kid’s school I was in search to find something that would actually work.
Plexus Slim

That’s when I was introduced to Plexus Slim! A friend on Facebook told me you should check this out. It’s an all-natural program where you don’t have to workout for insane amounts of time or eat only vegetables to see results. I’m always a little leery of starting a new program, especially when I’m told I don’t have to change my lifestyle- of course the whole thing is if you want to see results faster and you want to keep the weight off you do need to make life changes. Will it work if you don’t, yes possibly (it’s different for everyone) but adding 20-30 minutes of some kind of cardio and paying attention to what you eat will make a difference. So this last Sunday I started my journey with Plexus Slim!

acceleratorI’m excited to announce to my readers that you guys will be my accountability check. For the next four weeks I will be posting all about my journey and results with Plexus Slim. Knowing that I have to post what I’m doing on the internet hopefully will help me stay on track. As of today I’ve been on Plexus Slim for 4 days now and I love it! The program comes with what I like to refer to as “The Pink Drink” which for me has been similar to Crystal Light. 30 minutes before I eat breakfast I add one packet of my pink drink to 16 oz of water and take 1 accelerator pill. The accelerator pill helps speed up the weight loss process. It includes proven ingredients like, dark chocolate, green tea, and natural caffeine to boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

So no meal replacements, no shakes, no caffeine and no stimulants! You drink your Plexus Slim once every morning with the accelerator if you like and then just go about your day consciously trying to make healthy choices.

In the next coming weeks I’ll be posting more about the products but if you’d like more information about the program and the products be sure to check out the website HERE.

Be sure to also check out my friend Clare’s Facebook page and twitter- she’s the great lady who will be helping me along my Plexus journey and she knows her stuff when it comes to Plexus! I’d also love to see some of my readers join this challenge with me, to get healthy with Plexus Slim!

(Oh and I did take before pictures but you guys aren’t going to get to see those until I have my after pictures for comparison :) sorry I’m not that brave.)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. A 30 day package of Plexus Slim products was provided to me in exchange for these postings. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions here are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way.


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