Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reading Eggs {Improve your Child’s Reading Skills}

re_logosized My two oldest kids were quick learners and were both reading before they started kindergarten, they are both now reading above grade level in their current classes. However, my five year old has struggled a little more with her letters, the sounds they make and because of this has trouble with the simple sight words her kindergarten teacher has sent home. We have tried so many different tactics to try and enforce these skills but sometimes they just feel work. My daughter however has her own computer and great computer skills and loves to play games so when we found Reading Eggs we knew that this would be something she’d like.

I’m including a pretty lengthy video here – it’s 14 minutes long but if you’re really in the market for a program for your kids to help strengthen their reading skills I wanted you to have this all available for you to checkout.

After watching my daughter go through the lesson I realized that she needs to slow down a little bit Some of the mistakes she had were because she wanted to just click at times rather then listening to all of the instructions. She also struggled a little bit with the words because this lesson was teaching the words “I” and “a”. When they asked her to click on the word “a” she was clicking on the letter “a” in the other words. I feel like after a few mistakes though she caught on and was able to understand. I love that the lessons reinforce the letters, words and sounds with repetitiveness and fun visuals. Each lesson is broken down into different sections and your child has the option to repeat the section or move on to the next. As you will see briefly in the end of the lesson there’s a map where your child can move forward with the completion of each lesson. When lessons are completed the child receives different rewards and meets new friends, which has been an incentive for my daughter to complete the entire lesson.

I feel like after only a couple of lessons my daughter’s skills are definitely increasing from where she started and while I try to help be a hands-on parent I am happy to have a program where she can sit on her computer for 30 minutes without my help (most of the time she doesn’t really ask for help, it does happen occasionally but she can just about get through the entire lesson without my aid).

For a little more information on Reading Eggs you can checkout my original post HERE and checkout what they have to offer on their website HERE.

You can sign up for a FREE 14 day trial with Reading Eggs right now- no credit card required.

Disclosure: A Reading Eggs three month subscription was provided to me along with a 3 week trial of their new program in exchange for this posting. No monetary compensation was received.


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