Saturday, December 27, 2014

SHOOT 2015 {Online Photography Workshop} Registration Ends December 31st–ACT FAST!

I’ve always had a love for photography and have had a DSLR camera for years now. I was really familiar with my first camera however felt that it was a little too bulky for what I wanted and about a year ago I sold it and got a smaller one. The features and buttons are a little different so I’ve never really taken the time to familiarize myself with it and I only shoot on auto for the most part. So I’ve gone from taking great pictures of my kids to taking just semi-okay pictures. My kids are also getting to an age where they are unwilling to let me take pictures of them so I’ve been quite interested in finding some tips for taking better pictures of “moments” rather than staged images.

Just today I stumbled upon a workshop called SHOOT 2015.

Have you heard about SHOOT 2015?!?  This amazing year-long project gives parents and photographers all the tools they need to stay on top of capturing their families all while improving their photography skills!

Let’s face it… as busy people, we’re *bound* to struggle with organization and consistency, right?  This manageable year-long project, created by experienced & successful full-time photographers Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters, addresses our need to grow as photographers as well as our desire to creatively document our own families throughout the year.  And let me tell you… these girls know what they’re doing behind the camera:


This project is ideal for ALL levels of photographers (from brand-new camera owners to successful professionals). SHOOT 2015 is packed with instruction, inspiration, and all the personal accountability you’ve been waiting for…

As a member of SHOOT 2015, you'll receive:
  • A monthly photography lesson and assignment that applies directly to photographing your family.
  • Weekly inspirational emails featuring tips and tricks from an all-star list of child and family photographers*
  • Access to an active online forum where you can compare notes with fellow members, seek advice, share your work, and find valuable inspiration
As if that’s not enough… MPix is fully sponsoring SHOOT 2015 and will be offering a product review/giveaway each month for the entire year, as well as crazy valuable discounts on a range of beautiful products available only to members.

If you do just ONE thing for yourself this year, sign up for SHOOT 2015.  You’ll walk away with so much more than having achieved a simple photography course.  At $79 for the ENTIRE YEAR, there’s really no excuse to pass this opportunity by!


Registration is only open until midnight on December 31st, so grab your spot while there’s still time…


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