Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Box Tops for Education

This post is specifically for mom, Kim, Laura, Emily and anyone who might not have kids in school I guess :). I've got to thinking with Shannon going into kindergarten this year and the new promo coming out with tomorrow's Albertsons ad that anyone who is just throwing out box tops that come on all the cereal we are buying, fruit snacks, etc. (mostly anything General Mills and Betty Crocker have them), would you mind sending them my way? I've been trying to collect as many as I can for Shannon to take to school but if you are just throwing them out I would love to have them. Thanks!


  1. No problem! I was just trying to think of someone I could give them to. We have tons of cereal and fruit snacks and they've just been going in the recycling.

  2. Thanks! Kim if you want to just save them you can either mail them to mom's address or you can just collect them for me and bring them up anytime you come.

  3. I just clipped 18 box tops. We're coming up to visit mom sometime this week so I'll bring them then.