Saturday, December 11, 2010

Giveaway Rules {Please Read}

Please read this even if you’re the kind of person who follows the rules to a T and yes I have some great followers who do that, so thank you! However there are a few people out there that I think just aren’t reading what needs to be done exactly for giveaways and well really the only person you’re hurting is yourself because I’ve had to at times draw new winners because the people who won hadn’t followed the directions, which made them ineligible.

  1. Please read through everything when it comes to the mandatory entry and then do it to be entered into the giveaway. You can then do the extra entries if you like as long as the mandatory entry is complete.
  2. Please leave a separate comment for each entry
  3. Please leave your email address in each comment (I have struggled with this one because this is where I run into the most problems not being able to contact my winners.) If you don’t want to leave your email in your comment which I understand some people don’t, please make sure it’s listed in your blogger profile otherwise I won’t be able to contact you and I’ll pick a new winner.
  4. Winners have 48 hours to reply to my email notifying them of their win. If I don’t receive a response back in that time frame a new winner will be chosen.
  5. Please allow for 6 weeks to receive your prize (as some companies especially during the holidays are quoting me 4-6 weeks). If you don’t receive it after 6 weeks time please contact me and I will check on it for you.
  6. It’s the sponsor’s obligation to send you your prize, I cannot be responsible for prizes not received.

Thanks for being such loyal followers and entering all of my giveaways, I hate to be a stickler on the rules but I want this to be fun and I want you to be able to win!

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  1. I hope I'm not one of the ones not following the rules. I think I am but maybe I'm not and just don't realize it.