Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Santa’s Hideout {Mom’s Secret Weapon This Holiday Season}



santas-hideout-candycanesMy kids don’t watch television very often but every time they do they manage to see multiple commercials for toys, books and all kinds of fun things that they start begging Santa to bring them for Christmas. They’ll usually sit down and make lists of things they want, multiple times during the month of November and December but it usually doesn’t all make it onto the same list, it’s multiple pieces of scrap paper spread throughout the house. So of course when it comes time for me to actually do my shopping I can never find those lists and have to rely on my not so great pregnant mommy brain for all three of my children. The other issue that has started to come up as my kids have gotten a little older and are questioning things is how Santa is actually going to know what they want. That’s great that mom knows (or they think I know) but what about Santa?

Santa’s Hideout: Mom’s Secret Weapon this Holiday Season!

Santa’s Hideout is a great place to organize your child’s list all in one spot and since we have so many mobile devices available today it can be accessed from just about anywhere! Plus my kids actually think that they are making a list for Santa, so that solves the issue of whether or not and how Santa will know what they want. The website is easy to navigate and simple to set up.

I also love that this list can be shared with others so those grandparents who keep pestering me about what my kids want can now be sent a link and browse each of my children’s lists to help them shop.

How does Santa’s Hideout Work?

Registration is an easy two step process- where you’ll create your lists and give Santa some ground rules (maximum number of gifts and price range). You can then help kids add items to their List by just a drag and drop option and once there are items in there, you’re good to go! Lists can be shared with family and friends through email and parents will receive email alerts when there are updates made to a List by a recipient or a friend or relative. Lists can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or  Tumblr. Shopping can be done directly from those Lists with Amazon.com. Packages can be tracked online and parent’s can even send messages to their children from Santa! These may include chore or behavior reminders, messages of encouragement or incentives, all customizable to fit your needs.


On the go? No problem! Santa’s Hideout Lists are optimized for mobile, so take it to the store. Best part, Mom is in control: make changes to Lists, add or delete items and avoid duplicates.

Create your free account now at Santashideout.com

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Disclosure: Santa’s Hideout is a product of Conde Nast. No products were provided in exchange for this review posting however compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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