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Nero Kwik Media Photo Projects {Holiday Gift Guide}



Looking for a nice custom made item to give the Nero-Kwik-Mediagrandparents or other relatives for the holidays? Nero Kwik Media Photo Projects. Since my in-laws are out of state and only get to see the kids about once a year in the summer they always enjoy the photos I send for Christmas. Having studied photography I always have TONS of photos of my kids so the hardest part of creating them their Nero Kwik Media Photo Book this year was choosing the images to use for the book. This year I decided to go with the pictures we took when we were visiting them this summer.

Nero doesn’t just offer photo books though. If you’re looking for something else you can create calendars and greeting cards. I know my parents always love receiving custom made calendars with photos of the kids for Christmas because it’s the time of year when their current calendar is ending. The Nero software used to create these beautiful gifts is both simple and free to download.

Nero Kwik Media Details- the HOW TO

Kwik Media lets you collect photos from all the PCs, Android smart phones and tablet devices in the family and then sync, manage and produce memories for a lifetime in smart, professional looking photo books and other projects.

The service makes it much easier to create projects from start to finish. Kwik Media streamlines the whole process- allowing you to import photos from different devices wirelessly, assemble your favorites into a file, and then make edits like red-eye removal, enhancing and cropping, with just the click of a button.

Instead of using a bunch of different programs Kwik will have all your photos ready to choose from, just pick a project and drag your photos into the order you want.

Best of all, Nero Kwik Media gives you the complete creative control. Depending on the occasion you can choose from dozens of background textures and layouts. The software will then automatically create a suggested book layout or you can get creative and make your own layout. Anything can be edited or changed. With just a swipe of the mouse, you can move photos from one page to another, tilt them, resize them or put a photo in an interesting frame.

Once your layout is finished you can choose from a huge selection of themed clip art to give your project your own personal style. Just pull in by drag and drop and size to your preference. Kwik Media lest you give every project a personal touch.

Looking for some ideas to get you started here are a few suggestions:

  • Vacation Photo Book
  • Christmas Cards using this year’s family photo
  • Photo book for the grandparents of a new baby
  • Cookbook of family recipes with photos

MY THOUGHTS: The only problem I seemed to have with the Nero software was that it ran a little bit slow when I first opened it. I think this was due to the fact that I have so many pictures on my computer- like thousands and it was trying to pull in everything from my picture folders. After getting in and making a few tweaks to the settings of what it was actually pulling up I didn’t have any issues. So for me I had to make a decision about what images I’d be using before opening the program, put them in a folder and then use the program to open that folder to create my photo projects- simply because I think it was overloaded with the amount of photos I have stored on my computer. Like I said being a photography I have TONS and am a fanatic about keeping everything! It is however nice to have one place to do everything. Then I don’t have to rely on a program for photo editing (this one will fix red-eye, crop, zoom, rotate images, etc.) a program for creating projects, and a program for burning DVD content.  Nero quotes that Photo Books typically ship within five to 10 business days and my book that I submitted for order last night was shipped today- that’s fast turnaround to me!

The Photo Book I created is a leather bound, 8.5  11, 20 page book and was only $34.99 plus shipping. That’s a great deal for such a custom made high quality gift! Here are a few images of my project. I didn’t add a bunch of clip art or different backgrounds because I like the simple look best that really highlights the images themself , however it’s all about style and Nero Kwik Media offers you that custom option to do things the way you want them.

photo book 2photo book

Kwik Media also has other functions. You can use tools to create slid shows and post photos and videos to Facebook, You Tube, Flickr and other online social network.s You can also use Kwik Media to manage your music videos. For instance you can use the software to burn content to DVD and Blu-ray discs so all your entertainment is conveniently in one place.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and were in now way influenced by anyone. Product and compensation was received for in exchange for this posting.


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