Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting with Our Kids




voteAre you planning on voting today? For those of you who have the opportunity I would definitely do it! I haven’t really been on the band wagon about voting because I feel like in the state of Washington it’s pretty much already decided for me – at least the Presidential Election (that might be a little pessimistic of me but typically Washington has voted Democratic every election even when the voter majority have voted Republican). However I got up this morning and thought I’ve never been to the polls maybe I should try it out. Well I guess in the state of Washington they don’t really have polling locations. They do but they are unstaffed drop boxes where you can’t actually vote, you just drop off your absentee ballot to ensure it’s turned in on time. Which I guess is what I’ll be doing this year since I didn’t get it in the mail yesterday.

I did have this fun article called Voting With Our Kids in my email this morning from The SavvySource and thought I’d share with all of you who can do this.

Voting with Our Kids

Today's the day, Savvy friends. It's time to take our kids to the polls and give them the best civics lesson there is. We get the chance to teach them this lesson only once every four years, so let's not miss out. No matter the outcome of the election, our kids will remember their trip with you to your local polling place, be it in someone's garage around the corner, or at a neighborhood church, or your local rec center. They will see this familiar spot transformed into a place where people come together to make democracy happen. If need be, we're going to skip after-school activities for once because we want to show our kids how important this is. And then, we're going to celebrate: red, white, and blue cupcakes all around!

Even though I can’t really do this with my kids I did show them my absentee ballot in it’s envelope that I’d be taking to the drop box today and the idea of red, white and blue cupcakes does sound pretty good to me Smile.

There’s also a good similar article on SavvySource called Taking Our Children to the Polls that you can read HERE.


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