Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five Ideas for Outdoor Family Time {Coppertone}

With a bit more sun, sense, families can make the most of their much-loved summer moments. After all, outdoor time is a key part of an active and healthy lifestyle. Just be sure to use your sun-savvy knowledge when you go and keep a close eye on your kids. Here are five ideas for outdoor family time:

#1 Plant Vegetables in the Backyard- Want to get kids to eat their veggies? It helps if they’ve grown them in their own backyard.

#2 Enjoy a Friendly Water Balloon Fight- Sometimes kids (and parents) need to let loose. So slather on the sunscreen and beat the heat, by enjoying a good, old-fashioned water balloon fight.

#3 Help Your Child Set up a Lemonade Stand in Your Driveway- Nurture your little entrepreneur by giving away some lemonade. You’ll help prevent dehydration on a hot day and you can shade your stand with an umbrella.

#4 Take a Nature Hike- Taking nature hikes are an excellent way to relieve stress, stay active and have fun with your kids. Before you go, make sure to check the UV index rating so you can prepare your sun protection needs accordingly.

#5 Go for a Family Bike Ride- Bike rides are great fun for the whole family, but it’s difficult to remain in the shade while on a bike. The best approach is to wear a helmet and avoid the hottest part of the day (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.).


Disclosure: Thanks to Coppertone and the “Your Guide to Family Sun Protection” for providing these great suggestions!


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