Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Albertsons Deal 7/22 - 7/28

Albertsons has another mix and match going on this week (however different from their buy 10 get $5 off one they've been running the last few weeks). This one you buy $10 in participating items and get $3 off. Josh asked me yesterday when I made my trip to the store to buy Fruit Bars but I ended up getting some other ice cream instead. Now they are on sale! I found there was a coupon for these in the 6/7 Sunday paper insert so I went online and traded coupons with someone who had them.

Click HERE for the link to forum I traded on (I know she had a total of 75 coupons and is in Arizona so if you get on this forum and talk to her today there's a good chance you'll get the coupons before the sale ends.) Click HERE for the actual link to the thread I posted on the forum.

Fruit Bars $2.00 each (buy 5 for the mix 'n match)

Mix 'n Match Savings: $3.00
Coupon Savings: $5

TOTAL: $2.00 (this makes them $0.40 a box!)

You can get a coupon for this product mailed to you from the company but they probably won't be here in time for this sale click HERE for that.


  1. oooh I think I have that coupon, I'll have to go get that deal!

    I did this deal for free toilet paper and paper towels at Albertsons today:

    I didn't want plastic gloves, so instead I used a $1/2 coupon for Lawrys marinade to get my total up to $10. I used a $2 off receipt survey and only paid $1.19 for 8 rolls of tp, 2 rolls of paper towels and 2 marinades.

  2. I may have some extra coupons for these. I've had quite a few reponses of people who want to trade with me and I think I'm getting a total of 9 of these in the mail and definitely don't need that much ice cream no matter how good of a price :). I'm going to go get the 5 boxes for a total of $2 but I think I'll probably have like 4 extra coupons if anyone wants them it would make your total like $3 for 5 boxes. Let me know, it probably needs to be someone close because I'm not sure when they will show up in my mail.

  3. If you only lived closer I would get them from you :( I bought a box today with out a coupon just because it was a good price :) And we love these things

  4. :) yeah I don't think they would mail to you in time Michelle but they are still up for the taking if anyone wants them!