Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food Storage Item- UPDATE

THIS DEAL JUST GOT BETTER! If you go to (you have to enter your zip code- make sure you do this right above the coupons, then it will show you more coupons). They have a coupon there you can print (remember 2 per computer). This coupon will give you $.65/2 (65 cents off 2 bags of sugar) print this coupon twice and you'll save an extra $1.30 off of your 4 bags of sugar making it a total of $5.70 for 4 bags or $1.42 each.

Albertsons has a great deal on the sugar this week, making it only $1.75 for a 5 lb. package when you buy 4. Here is how the deal works, Albertsons has a promo running right now (7/22- 7/28) when you buy $10 worth of certain products, you will receive $3.00 off instantly. The C & H Sugar is on sale 4/$10, buy 4 packages and you will get $3.00 off, making it only $7 for the 4 packages. That is $1.75 each, and equals out to $ .35 lb. That is a great price! Now would be a great time to stock up on sugar for your food storage.


  1. So you're saying get 4 bags of sugar for $.35/lb? What about the coupon you said to use, can you do the coupon and albertsons to make it even cheaper?

  2. Laura yes since each bag is 5lbs and each bag with the coupon at Albertsons (yes you can use it there with the deal) is a total of $1.42 each that would make it like $.29/lb.

    So yes go to and print out that coupon twice. Then you should be able to go to Albertsons pick up 4 bags of sugar ring them up and it will take the $3 off for the mix and match then scan your two coupons through and your total should be $5.70 for 4 bags of sugar. (You have to buy 4 bags of sugar though for it to work because you have to spend a total of $10 in particiapting products to get the $3 off for the mix and match. You could combine other products with it but much easier if you just do the 4 bags of sugar.)