Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do I Really Need to Buy The Sunday Paper?

I know many of you are wondering if buying the Sunday paper is actually worth it for coupons because you can find so many coupons on the internet that you can just print out for free.

I was a skeptic at first and the Seattle Times has a special where they will deliver you 5 Sunday papers each week for 13 weeks for $65. That's $1 for each paper so it's a pretty good deal since they want $2.75 to deliver one Sunday paper every week and the cost on it is $1.50 at the store but after buying 2 Sunday papers for the first time last week I don't think I have the patience like those true couponers out there to sit and cut out everything from 5 papers! :)

So I wanted to give you a few scenarios that I could have only done if I had the coupons from the Sunday paper inserts (Smart Source, Red Plum, etc.). I picked up the Sunday paper on Saturday at the grocery store (2) for $3 total. My grandma also gets the Sunday paper and gave the coupons to my mom- she went through it and took what she wanted and gave me the rest so I actually got 3 sets of coupon inserts.


In the insert there was a coupon for $2.50 off of Any (1) Finish Electrasol Quantum, Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs (these are tiny packets or tabs that you put in your dishwasher were you would your dish soap- so essentially it's dish soap). The normal price for a 20pk of Finish Electrasol Tabs at Albertsons is $6.49- if you have an Albertsons card it was on sale last week for $4.49. This was an item included in the mix and match sale also so if you purchased 10 participating items throughout the store you got .50 off each item for a total of $5 savings. So the Electrasol Tabs were $3.99 then after using the coupon I got in the Sunday paper insert the total price was $1.49 for a product that normally sells for $6.49 that's a $5 savings, but you have to remember that this product was on sale to everyone who didn't get the paper for $3.99 so I saved $2.50 almost the cost of both newspapers on just one coupon.


The second coupon I used from my Sunday paper insert was for a new product called Ritz Crackerfuls. The Ritz Crackerfuls were in Albertsons Mix 'n Match sale last week (when you buy 10 items) for $2.49 and the Sunday paper insert had a coupon for $1 off. I used an doubler coupon on this item and saved $2 making the box of crackers $0.49. These are still in the Albertsons Mix 'n Match for this week and since I got coupons from 3 papers I'm planning on going back and getting two more boxes since they were so good.

So for two coupons I saved $4.50 that's $1.50 over what I paid for the newspapers. So while I was definitely a skeptic to buying the Sunday paper just for the coupons, I'm now sold! I cut out everything that I might possible ever buy. I don't cut out coupons for cat food or dog food :) and if I didn't have a baby or child in diapers I probably wouldn't cut out that stuff either but there are some things in there that I wouldn't normally buy, but if there were free I would definitely go and get them. It's important to cut out and save your coupons because they usually have a good two months at least before they expire. You don't need to go out and use them right away, watch the sales and use the coupons to get the really good deals.

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  1. I get my Sunday papers at the dollar store, where they carry them for $1 a piece- even cheaper, but you get the same coupon inserts! Make sure you check the paper before you buy it though, I've heard of some people being sneaky and stealing the inserts from a bunch of papers, hiding them in one paper and just paying for one.