Friday, July 17, 2009

My Albertsons Deals 7-17

I went with the intention of doing two transactions for the Kellogg items for the $10 rebate and because I wanted more Ritz Crackerfuls in the Mix 'n Match deal but they didn't have the Special K Bars in that I wanted so I will be going back Tuesday when they get them in to make that purchase.

NOTE: You CANNOT use all five doublers in one transaction (the three from Sunday's red plum insert and the two from Albertsons ad this week) because they have the same numbers by the UPC code- you can only use three at once. I thought my order wouldn't be as good because I had to ditch two of my doublers but it ended up being quite a bit better than I expected.

Ritz Crackerfuls (2) $.98
Electrasol (2) -2.00
Resolve Spray 'n Wash (2) $1.48
Kraft Marshmallows (1) $0.49
Kraft BBQ Sauce (2) $0.98
Reser's Baja Cafe Salsa (1) -0.51
Milk (1) $1.99
Eggs (1) $1.00

Tax (on the Resolve and Electrasol only): $.47

TOTAL: $3.88

The milk and eggs didn't have coupons on them but I needed the milk and the eggs were a decent price. I lost $1.50 I was planning on using in doublers but the Electrasol rang up at $2.00 each rather than the $3.99 that I thought it would be so that was a $3.98 savings right there (the coupon for Electrasol was $2.50, which was more than the actual product cost but they let me use the overage. While I was checking out Emily found a Catalina on one of the shelf check registers behind me for $1 off your entire order (actually she found 4 of them!), so I was able to use that for more savings. Had I not purchased the eggs and milk my total would have been $0.99! At the end of my transaction I got a Catalina print out for $1 off my next order and on my receipt I got an invitation to take a survey and received a code for $2 off my next order.


  1. Thats an awesome deal! I always look around self checkout and in the carts for cats that people just leave there. I think I might go get some more electrasol since its even cheaper this week. I bought some last week at 3.99.

  2. Just to let you know mine also rang up at that $2.00 price last week so I'm not sure if it's just priced differently at my Albertsons or if it's a ring up error.