Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hidden Albertson's Doublers!

I always get the early edition of the Sunday paper on Saturday since I don't have a subscription and I don't want to have to go shopping on Sunday. So I went through the coupon inserts and cut my coupons and went through the ads looking at the sales and then tossed the newspapers in my recycling pile on my office floor. I was on one of my Northwest coupon blogs tonight and they said that there are Albertson's doublers in the A Section of the Seattle Times! I turned around to pick up my papers and Josh had taken them out to our recycling bin so at 11:30 at night I'm rummaging through our bin outside, LOL.

They are on page A9 so make sure you go in there and grab them, don't accidentally throw those precious things out!

They are only good 7/26 - 7/28 which is the end of the current ad but I'm sure you can find some great things to use them on! Maybe I'll use them on the Whole Fruit Bars I'm planning on buying :)


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