Sunday, July 26, 2009

Albertsons Deals

UPDATE: Emily went and got this Fruit Bar deal with the coupons and the doublers tonight and she ended up paying $2.50 instead of it being free, and it was driving me nuts as to why but I figured it out! The Fruit Bars are not $2 each they are $2.50 each so in order to meet the $10 promo price you only have to buy 4 boxes not 5. If you only buy 4 boxes with this scenario it will be free. Emily bought an additional box that didn't fit into the promo so it ended up costing her full price (well the sale price) but still a good deal 5 boxes for $2.50.

I've gotten really excited since finding those hidden doublers in my newspaper and decided to show everyone what I'm planning on doing with a combination of doublers, manufacture coupons and store specials.

(Sorry the text is a little small here in the pictures, so be sure to click on each image to see it larger.)


If I’m really lucky and Albertsons has the same Catalina special that Safeway did tonight I will also get coupons for 2 FREE boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks.



  1. More good news we opened one of those boxes of fruit bars and they were very mushed so we returned it and got our $2.50 back so we ended up with 4 boxes for free instead of 5 for $2.50.

  2. :) Good job! I grabbed my raincheck for them since they were all out and Josh really wanted the strawberry one that they didn't have when they had lime and coconut ones- and they told me they'd be getting a frozen shipment in probably today. Just to let you know those things ring up normally at $3.29- so that's a great amount of savings we are looking at!