Monday, July 27, 2009

Sneak Peek- Albertsons

There's a preview HERE of the Albertsons ad coming out this week (7/29-8/4). Looks like some pretty good deals along with 3 Doublers!!

Pop Tarts for $1 (When you buy 5)- I've got $.55/1 coupons for those with the doublers- 5 boxes for $.60


  1. I just got free milk at Albertsons.
    I got a free chocolate milk coupon when you buy 1 white from with a zip code of 63090.
    I also used the $0.75/1 milk but it's only for Utah or Idaho.
    The thing was that the chocolate coupon refunded me about $4 when the chocolate milk was only $2 so the white milk was free too.

  2. That's cool I wonder if we can use that chocolate milk one since it's not our zip code since you were able to do it.

  3. Yeah it didn't say anything on the coupon about only being valid in certain places.