Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Albertsons vs QFC

Albertsons has their Box Tops Promo going on this week with quite a few items on sale that are General Mills, Pillsbury, and Betty Crocker (all items that I have quite a few coupons for). I did however check the QFC ad tonight and noticed that they are having a mix and match sale that includes quite a few of the same items. Remember that if you shop at QFC for these items you won't get the $5 Catalina or 50 box tops you would if buying them at Albertsons in the promo but it seems that QFC has some better prices. So I guess it's about the same because the way the QFC promo works- when you buy 10 items they take off $5 so you get those prices and with Albertsons when you buy $20 you get a $5 Catalina so it's basically the same amount off but with Albertsons you do have to spend more money and you get the $5 for your next order rather than off your current shopping order, does that make sense? :) Here's a little comparison. I'm torn on which I want to do because I want the 50 box tops for Shannon to take to school, so I think I'm going to do one transaction at Albertsons for a couple things and then a few of the other items I'll pick up at QFC.


Toaster Strudle 2.5 1.5

Betty C Fruit Snacks 2.5 1.5

Delights Granola Bars 2.5 1.99

Gogurt 2.5 2

Pizza Rolls 3.33 2.5

General Mills Cereal 2 1.5

(The True Delights Granola Bars are on sale at both stores but are not included in the Albertsons Promo.)

These are the prices before coupons (you have to buy multiples of 10 items to get those prices above at QFC).

With my coupons at QFC the deals end up looking like this.

Toaster Strudels $1.15
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.25
True Delights Granola Bars $.99
Gogurt $1.63
Pizza Rolls $1.65
General Mills Cereal: $1.00

Quaker Oatmeal is also on sale and I have a coupon making it $1.50. Hamburger Helper with my coupon 3/$.75 ends up being $.75 a box and Quaker Granola Bars are on sale along with a coupon I have makes them $1 a box.


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