Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping Trips- QFC & Albertsons

I decided against doing the Box Tops Promo at Albertsons because QFC just has much better deals going on this week for many of the same items. I did however have to make a trip to Albertsons because I had $36 in Catalinas for money off my shopping order that were expiring tomorrow. Here's how I did- if you have a QFC around you I highly suggest you do your shopping there this week, they really have some smokin' deals!

QFC: $31.35

Cocoa Puffs (3)
Trix (1)
Cinnamon Toast Crunch (2)
Quaker Granola Bars (2)
Fruit Rollups (3)
Fruit Snacks (1)
Fruit Gushers (1)
Hamburger Helper (6)
Pizza Rolls (2)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (2)
Pillsbury Strudel (2)
Yoplait Go-gurt (1)
Grand's Biscuits (4)


Ziploc Sandwich Bags (2)
Darigold Strawberry Milk (1)
Hot Pockets (2)
Pork Chops
New York Strip Steak (2)
Chicken (3lb bag)
Bananas (3.73lb)
Green Grapes (2.07lbs)
Peaches (1.99lbs)

I decided I wanted to use my Catalinas at Albertsons on items I don't normally have coupons for so I bought meat and produce, the ziploc bags I needed and found on clearance and had a coupon for- the hot pockets and strawberry milk were items for Josh :).

TOTAL SAVED: $114.79

I also still have one $5 off Catalina for Albertsons that I can use until the 28th and got a $3.50 Catalina at QFC for buying fruit snacks.


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