Friday, August 7, 2009

Monthly Savings

I just thought I'd post my savings compared to my out of pocket since I've started couponing.


Out of Pocket: $137.65
Savings: $276.21


Out of Pocket: $68.68
Savings: $180.84

(This should be more because I was robbed a total of $30 in Catalinas that should have printed out for me on the Albertsons $30 Promo- they did give me one rain check for $15 off but we'll see how the rest pans out if I hear back from Catalina- still haven't as of today.)

UPDATE: So Josh thinks I can only really count the savings that were from coupons because anyone can save that other amount just by having a preferred card and the items being on sale (technically I don't quite agree because my shopping techniques before consisted of just going to the store and buying whatever we needed - I always tried to buy things on sale but I never shopped the weekly ads and savings and promos). But just to show you here are my coupon savings versus the money I've spent to get those coupons on the newspaper for each month.


Coupon Savings: $95.82
Newspapers: $13.50


Coupon Savings: $59.90
Newspapers: $3.00


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