Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My AWESOME trip to Safeway- 9/16

Safeway is having a promotion right now if you buy 4 boxes of cereal you save $4 making each box only $1.50 each and then you get a Catalina for a free box of Capri Sun.


(4) Nature Valley Nut Clusters (these are included in the same promo price but not in the Catalina for the free Capri Sun- they are not advertised in the weekly ad and it didn't print for me)

Yesterday I received a full size bag of these nut clusters in the mail with 10 coupons for $1.60/1 - I don't normally like nuts but these are REALLY good and all of my girls love them too!

So I used (4) $1.60/1 coupons and with them being priced at $1.50 I know I would have an overage so I went and grabbed a discounted thing of lunch meat (expiring soon) for $.99. When I got up to the register and she was ringing me up I realized I had also loaded an e-coupon onto my Safeway card from for $1 off one Nut Cluster- so in the end Safeway owed me $.41 and the cashier was insistent that I take the $.41- okay :).

TOTAL: -.41
SAVINGS: $15.36 (my receipt said 103%)


(2) Cocoa Puffs
(2) Trix
(4) Nut Clusters

I saved $8 on the promo- making each item $1.50 (I picked up 4 extra bags of the Nut Clusters since it was a money maker and I had 6 more coupons).

Used (4) $1.60 off the Nut Clusters
Used (2) $1/1 Cocoa Puffs
Used (2) $.55/1 Trix

Then I had loaded on my Safeway card (2) $.75/1 coupons for the Cocoa Puffs and (1) $.55/1 coupon for the Trix.

I also got a Catalina for a free box of Capri Sun by purchasing 4 of the participating cereals.

TOTAL: $.55 (Since they had just given me $.41 this only really cost me $.14)
SAVINGS: 27.47 (98%)


(1) Capri Sun

TOTAL: FREE (used Catalina)
SAVINGS: $2.50 (100%)


TIP FOR THE DAY: You can use (1) Manufacture coupon (1) e-coupon from Cell Fire and (1) e-coupon from Shortcuts PER ITEM

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