Friday, September 18, 2009

Fred Meyer

Tillamook butter is on sale 2/$5 but there is a coupon in their ad that makes it $1.50 each for the first 4 boxes. I really like the Tillamook butter and it's a good price- I picked up 4 boxes for a total of $6.

Oscar Meyer Lunchables with water bottle (comes with a decent sized sub sandwich) are on sale 2/$5. There is $1 off one coupon that you can use and then a $1 off your next order Catalina coupon will print at the register for you. I've been told that if you buy 4 then 4 Cats will print but I'm not sure I trust that :) (those Catalina machines are so fickle for me). So it makes these $1.50 each or $.50 if you use your $1 off Catalina to buy them. I'm posting about this because the sale is going on until October 13th and I ordered 20 coupons on ebay for these (to give some to my mom) and found out that she is already getting like 40 coupons for these- well there is no way that we are going to use all those coupons because you can't really freeze these or keep that many in your fridge for that long, so if anyone wants any coupons please let me know! I don't have them yet but should by the end of next week.


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