Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Body Books {Christmas in July Sponsor}

Busy Body Books is one of the great sponsors that I’m excited to announce will be included in our Christmas in July Giveaway Event! Please check out their site and products and then come back July 25th- 31st for your chance to win a really great prize pack of their products!!

I’m definitely an organized person, or at least I try to be. I think in my brain I really want to be an organized person so when things are off (which they often can be having kids) mine doesn’t work right, which is probably about 75% of the time, LOL. Which is why I truly believe you can’t have too many calendars! Especially if they’re all in different formats and all so cute! Busy Body Books has a couple different products that I love. I’ve ha the experience of trying out the Personal & Family Organizer from Busy Body Books and for anyone who’s starting school- college, high school, junior high, whatever I’d highly suggest you pick one up because it’ll make your life so much easier! You can read my previous review of that product HERE.

Today I’m excited to share the Busy Body Book Wall Calendar with you!


My Review and Thoughts: The Busy Body Book Wall Calendar is a similar format to the Personal & Family Organizer, but it’s bigger and can be hung up on the wall for everyone in the family to see at all times. This is definitely what we need in our house. We have a vinyl calendar on our wall that I write on but my kids seem to think it’s for everyone to write on, mainly because they love the dry erase markers so they are always erasing things on my calendar which can cause problems. I love the Busy Body calendar because they  can’t erase anything!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Grid format that provides a clear view of daily and weekly schedules and activities for each child or family member. There are seven grid spaces great if you have lots of kids or if you’re like me with three I used one grid to include activities that cover all family members and had one leftover just in case I want to add something. I always like to have the ability to make changes, it’s just my personality. The difference in my monthly dry erase calendar and the Busy Body Wall Calendar I love is the ability to look and plan ahead. Oftentimes I’ll get flyers sent home from school about an event that is a little ways out so I love being able to instantly write it on my calendar, in fact the first thing I did when my calendar came was write the entire academic year’s school schedule for days off and early release days so I wouldn’t forget. My daughters are both going to be starting different activities in August and during the school year their schedules might get a little crazy so I’m incredibly grateful to have this wall calendar to keep us all organized- but the best part will be to have my husband’s schedule written down so he knows and we know what is going on. It seems that's always where we have our issues. I can keep track of the kids but when it  comes to him he fluctuates and sometimes has so much going on that I constantly find myself texting him around dinner time to only find out that he has to work late, so I’m going to try and get him to write it down- that in and of itself will be a task Smile 

Wall Calendar features include:

  • seven spacious columns for your larger family or your additional planning needs
  • a week-per-page layout that can hang as a one- or two-week view
  • two six-months-at-a-glance pages to help plan ahead for the holidays, vacations, or special events
  • a page for next year's important appointments and events
  • key contacts pages for your emergency contact information and the phone numbers of doctors, coaches or babysitters
  • a 4-inch pocket on the inside back cover to hold important papers, receipts or coupons

Be sure to check out Busy Body Books and their other products at and stay updated with them on Twitter and Facebook.

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