Friday, August 12, 2011

Investing Made Easy with MoGro!



mogro logoFor about the last year we’ve really been focusing on our finances and getting rid of all our debt- and I’m happy to say that we are so close. So the next step for me is to start thinking about investing and I’ll be honest it really scares me because I don’t find myself intellectual blessed when it comes to things like that and I don’t want to make a mistake with my money. It’s just all too much and too confusing to me so I try and leave it to my husband but I’d really like to be more involved.

Then I found out about MoGro is a site dedicated to helping real people invest their money. Essentially it’s a super easy way to get into investing without investment minimums (so you aren’t required to have a whole bunch of money) and without having a ton of knowledge. MoGro helps you pick the investments that are right for you an your lifestyle that will give you the best return. If you want to be super conservative with your money because your really close to retirement age then you can or if you’re really young and just starting out it helps give you riskier options. It doesn’t require a lot of time either. I’m definitely the kind of person who likes to research things but you could literally start investing in 5 minutes with MoGro. All money transfers are bank-level secure transactions with long-established, SIPC insured investment companies.

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MoGro isn’t quite available for you to start today but they are just finalizing the initial testing and the launch will be coming soon! However, if you go to and enter your email address you’ll get an email notifying you as soon as it’s available.

An easy way to begin investing with very little money and safe transactions sounds good to me! I can’t wait for the site launch so I can get started.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this posting, however it did not influence my opinion in any way.


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