Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Giraffe Clothing- {Baby Bib Review & GIVEAWAY}

Yes this is my cute little boy! He’s five months old now and started eating solid foods. He loves rice cereal and today he had some bananas. He’s growing so fast and I think it has a little  to do with how much he moves. We call him our Wiggle Worm because he just doesn’t ever stop moving! This has presented a little bit of trouble when he eats. He’s good at settling down when he drinks his bottle but try and stick that spoon in his mouth and all he does is grab at it and move his head so the food ends up all over his face and all over his clothes, well not anymore! Those little bibs from the store that cover barely nothing weren’t doing me any good at all. They covered about 6 inches of his shirt but had the gap between his neck and the bib so it still got all over his clothes. Now add in the fact that he was teething last week and all the drool, well my baby needs a cute bib that covers his clothing to wear at all times!

Top Requirements for a Bib:
  1. Must cover babies shirt – very little gap between babies neck and clothes
  2. Must be long enough to cover bottom of babies shirt
  3. Versatile- can be used to wipe babies face while he’s eating and when he’s done eating
  4. MUST be CUTE!
Baby Giraffe Clothing makes bibs that fit all of my requirements and for a great price! I looked all over Etsy at different bibs and found many like this but they all seemed to be quite a bit more in price. Baby Giraffe’s bibs retail for $9.99 each- a great deal for a cute handmade bib that’s much better than those ones you’ll find in the store. The quality is definitely top notch. The stitching on these bibs is strong and the material is great! And don’t forget CUTE- I just think these bibs are super cute and well look at the picture that baby is pretty darn cute too Smile.

Be sure to check out the different bibs available at Baby Giraffe Clothing on Etsy HERE.
Thanks to Baby Giraffe Clothing one of my readers is going to have the chance to win their own cute bib! 

Just click the “Read More” button to enter the giveaway!

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