Tuesday, September 17, 2013

VTech’s Cody the Smart Cub {Review & Giveaway}

NewVTechLogo I can’t believe how quickly my little boy is growing up, already 17 months now and my husband keeps telling me I need to get him some non-baby toys. He’s started to get bored with the play keys and little teething toys. He needs a few toys to stimulate his brain and that he can interact with. I was really excited to have the chance to review the new VTech toy – Cody the Smart Cub. This soft and cuddly interactive friend is exactly what my little one needed!

91j61cAp6ML._SL1500_Cody the Smart Cub is designed for ages 6-36 months and I will admit that my five year old has been found sneaking this toy in her bedroom at night and she gets mad at us when we call him Cody because she’s named him Cotton Candy. I love that Cody has such a broad age range because while I don’t have a little one this would be a great toy for the music and lights and then as they get a little older they can start to interact with him and for the even older age answer his questions by pushing each button.

My favorite part of Cody is his personalization. While my five year old was at school I plugged Cody into my computer and used the VTech Learning Lodge program online to find his app and personalize Cody to say my son’s name, know his birthday and all his favorites things including colors, foods, toys and more. I can’t believe how excited she was when she came home and came running to me to tell me that “Cotton Candy” knew Ethan’s name! Of course my son doesn’t get quite as thrilled but I can see that he recognizes that his little friend is talking to him. As he gets older and as he continues to play with Cody I’m sure he’ll understand a little more.
*On a side note I have to admit that the cable Cody came with to plug into my computer was really short and the part on his back that you plug it into doesn’t stay open very well so I had a VERY hard time getting Cody to plug into the computer- it took at least 5 frustrating minutes of me messing around with it to get it to work.
Another of my favorite features is the music. You can choose through the Learning Lodge app to personalize what songs Cody will play. Cody even recognizes the time of day based on your time zone which is great because he gives me son a bedtime greeting and then I can put Cody on my son’s bed and have him play 5, 15 or 30 minute increments of lullaby music for him to fall asleep too (that is if I can keep Cody out of my daughter’s room).

Here are some of Cody’s cool features:
  • Baby Routine Reminders- Cody offers baby morning, afternoon and bedtime greetings.
  • Holiday & Birthday Wishes- Cody knows all your child’s special days, including holidays and the best day of the year. Happy Birthday to your special little one!
  • Story Time- Download more than 20 stories featuring your child’s name and favorite things.
  • Sleepy Time Music- Plays five, fifteen or up to thirty minutes of soothing melodies and lullaby songs.
  • Touch & Learn- Cody teaches parts of the body and first words.
  • Emotions & Feelings- Cody introduces interactive friendship with huge responses and emotional words.
Parent-Friendly Features
  • Volume Control for quieter play
  • Surface washable
  • Automatic shut off
VTech’s Cody the Smart Cub’s MSRP is only $19.99 and can be found at many local stores and online retailers where VTech products are sold.

VTech toys are definitely some of my favorites because they encourage learning and developmental advancement. Not only do they have great toys for the little ones but my older kids enjoy some of the other VTech toys as well. One great thing about VTech toys is that they are made very well and last. My son has VTech toys he plays with that once upon a time belonged to my 9 year old daughter when she was his age.

GIVEAWAY: One of my very lucky readers will win their own VTech Cody the Smart Cub friend!
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Disclosure: VTech’s Cody the Smart Cub was provided to me in exchange for this posting to review. All opinions are 100% my own and have in no way been influenced. No monetary compensation was received for this posting.


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